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        WES New Energy pushing into electronic cigarette battery industry
        Electronic cigarette industry is now at the critical moment of a shift, for the prospects of the industry, see benevolence and the wise see wisdom. WES New Energy look ...
        New Employees' Training
        As soon as possible to make the new employee master battery manufacturing expertise, automation equipment, we...

        New product
        Cylindrical polymer battery release listed at present is mainly used in electronic cigarettes,  toothbrushes,  tools,  products, such as electronic point reading machine. The superior products, discharge, meet 30 a large discharge, safety performance is superior, no explosions, no leakage, Achieve  IEC62133, UL1642, UN38.3, PSE, CE and other international international certification , high capacity and good cycle life, capacity retention after 500 weeks or more than 80%, good consistence.
        Hot product
        Prismatic polymer batteries, mainly applied to smart phones, tablet PC, wearable devices, powerbank, remote contorl toys , energy storage system and light EV, etc.


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